Alarm Systems

We offer a large variety of selected Security Alarm Systems. Our security alarm systems are ideal for home security and protecting commercial premises.

We provide a comprehensive service. We analyse your security needs and advise on the security system that best suits your needs. With over 10 Years’ experience installing security systems, our expert security alarm installation team ensures the system meets your needs and performs effectively.

As a home security system, alarms are a great deterrent for burglars – they don’t like them! Burglars tend to look for an external siren box when checking out a property. If they see a burglar alarm system, they will most likely move on to another home.

When professionally installed, alarm systems are reliable and easy to use! With a few key strokes you can arm or disarm the security alarm system. False alarms are one of the biggest problems with poor quality and badly installed alarm systems – and can significantly damage your relationship with neighbors and your sanity. Our professional installation team only install quality alarm systems. We tailor the alarm to suit your property and your particular needs.

  • We choose from a full range of the world’s best alarm systems.
  • We employ only licensed technicians as alarm installers whose skill & honesty we trust.
  • A full 12 months warranty is given covering labour and security alarm equipment.
  • We can provide zoned security systems.
  • Back to Base ( 24 hour ) security alarm monitoring ensures action will be taken to protect your property
  • Key ring remotes can be provided to control the system and they include a panic button if you feel threatened.

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